Union leaders say city labor relations manager was wrongly terminated; city responds

Friday, June 22, 2018 - 8:30am

Rochester, N.Y. – City union leaders are firing back after they say the city’s labor relations manager was wrongly terminated.

Union leaders say the city isn’t playing ball when it comes to labor decisions and fear more cuts are on the way.

This comes ahead of a crucial Supreme Court decision which could give union workers access to bargaining deals without paying dues.

Union heads say the recent removal of the labor relations manager is a trend the city will continue to attack its union employees.

"The mayor has been vocal about the Janus decision and support of labor," said Rochester Police Locust Club President Mike Mazzeo. "She needs to look in her own backyard, in her own house, and clean up her own house first, before she talks about other issues."

The City of Rochester says it values union labor and collective bargaining, and believes, "Great things have happened as a result of the labor movement." The city says it can't speak to the recent resignation because it is a personnel issue.