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Executive Officers

Michael D. Mazzeo, President

Mike assumed the office of President in June 2008 and was re-elected in November 2008. Prior to holding the office of President, he served as the Executive Vice President for 3 years and as Treasurer for 4 years. In addition to these positions, Mike has served on the Finance Committee and as a representative on the Executive Board for over 17 years. Mike currently serves as head of the Labor/Management Committee and is the Chief Negotiator for the Negotiating Committee. Mike’s goals are to strengthen the Union by internal organizing of its members and by fostering strong alliances and partnerships with other labor organizations. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Rochester Institute of Technology and a Master’s of Science in Labor studies from the University of Massachusetts. Mike is an Investigator with the Rochester Police Department on full release to the Union.

Ralph J. Gagliano, Executive Vice President

Ralph was appointed Executive Vice President in June, 2008 after serving 22 years as Secretary. His union duties consist of working with the president to further the vision of the Locust Club providing the best terms and conditions for the membership. He serves as a member of the Negotiating Committee, a member of the Committee on Political Endorsements and as Secretary of the Rochester Police Benevolent Association. Ralph is a graduate of NYS School of Industrial Labor Relations at Cornell University with a certificate in Labor Studies. Ralph was promoted to sergeant in 1987 and is the senior sergeant in the Rochester Police Department.

Adam J. DeVincentis, Secretary

Geoffrey R. Wiater, Treasurer

Geoff was elected Treasurer of the Rochester Police Locust Club Inc. in January, 2015. Prior to holding the position of Treasurer, Geoff has held many positions within the Locust Club including Section Representative, Platoon Representative, House Committee and Chairman of the House Committee. He serves on the contract negotiating committee, finance committee, healthcare committee and Political Action Committee. Geoff is a graduate of S.U.N.Y. Brockport and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. Geoff was promoted to the rank of sergeant in 2002 and is currently assigned to the Major Crimes Unit as a Homicide Sergeant.

Kevin R. Sizer, Chairman, House Committee

Maura Smith, Administrative Assistant

House Committee

Kevin Sizer (West 1st)
Ted Serinis (West 1st)
Paul Romano (Tactical Unit)
Michelle Velez (East 3rd)
Flamur Zenelovic (West 4th)
Mike Nicholls (Major Crimes)

Finance Committee

Gary Sullivan (Major Crimes)
Dennis Cole (Tactical Unit)
Scott Gould (Economic Crimes)

Representatives At Large

Jason Mueller (East 2nd)
Pat Steiner (East 3rd)
Charlie LoFaso (Major Crimes)
Roy Adams (P.D.S.)
Kenny Coniglio (West 3rd)
Bob O'Shaughnessy (West 3rd)

Unit Representatives

Todd Wassinger (East 1st)
Tom Luciano (East 2nd)
Gary Wegman (East 3rd)
Justin Havill (East 4th)
Rob Henkes (East 5th)
Gary Galetta (Major Crimes)
Rob Nitchman (P.S.B.)
Dave Franklin (S.I.S.)
Frank Coriddi (S.O.S.)
Dan Nowack (S.O.S./K-9)
Tony Mazurkiewicz (Tact. Unit)
Joe Perrone (West 2nd)
Ed Fratangelo (West 3rd)
Tom Rodriguez (West 4th)
Jason Kelly (West 5th)
Sam Lucyshyn (West 1st)

Cope Committee

Rob Henkes (East 5th)
Dennis Cole (Tactical Unit)
Gary Sullivan (Major Crimes)
Kevin Sizer (Patrol - West)
Scott Gould (Econ. Crime - CID)

Sergeant At Arms

Myron Moses

Community Liasons

Emerald Society

Fraternal Liaison

Anthony DiPonzio Jr.

Clothing Committee

Amy Bauer
Steve Swetman
Michelle Velez